Confection-filled tins make a perfect gift. Choose from tins filled with toffee, brittles, nuts, and more. Susie's South Forty Candies are made fresh without preservatives! Susie's Toffee is a dairy product and must be kept refrigerated or frozen. The shelf life of the Toffee in a refrigerator is 3months, one year if frozen! Susie's Chocolates: Winners ®, Fudge Richey®, Sea Salt Sprinkled Caramels, and Texas Tumbleweeds ® have a shelf life of 3 wks. Susie's Kickers® Pralines have a shelf life of 3weeks and Dreamy® Pralines have a shelf life of 4 weeks. Susie's Famous Texas Trash has a shelf life of 9 months up to a year.